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✦ C.A.N. is a creative digital platform founded by undocumented, Indigenous, and queer women to address urgent, intersectional issues impacting our communities.

Understanding the pivotal role of education in obtaining collective liberation, our organization prioritizes expanding access to higher education. We break systemic barriers, advocate for our human rights, and aim to dismantle white supremacy.


College Access for Non-Citizens empowers underrepresented students by providing the knowledge and support they need to navigate the complex college application process and their higher education journey.


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Hear what our students are saying:

“C.A.N. provided invaluable support during my college application journey. Connected through my guidance counselor, we toured a college campus together, and I left the tour feeling a sense of belonging. C.A.N. helped me feel more empowered to reach my goals and feel confident in my abilities.”

Nicole, 18, Yale University ’27

"As an Indigenous young man, C.A.N. has made me understand the importance of my presence in higher education spaces, while helping me apply to college, get enrolled, and go through the financial aid process. The C.A.N. team shows me that dreams are meant to be attained and that social mobility is possible for people like me. As I step into my first year at Rutgers University - New Brunswick, I hope to gain many new opportunities that will help me positively impact my community."  

— Luis, 18, Rutgers - New Brunswick

“CAN is the community I always dreamed of being apart of as an undocumented first-generation Latina! It is extremely empowering to see first-hand the power of undocumented success! My mentor constantly instills in me to believe that I can do anything despite the barriers present. I know the organization will help me continue to grow both professionally and as a person."

— Gabriela, 20, Eastern Connecticut State University

“At 15, I immigrated from Peru to the U.S. and faced systemic immigration challenges. I earned an associate's degree in computer science at community college, becoming valedictorian. Discovering C.A.N. transformed my entire higher education journey, and now I'm transferring to Georgetown University with a full ride in Spring 2024!"

— Alessandra, 20, Georgetown University’26 

“Melanie and Sheila have been pillars of guidance for me throughout my journey in higher education. Their mentorship and insight have truly shown me that I can succeed in college, and all of my dreams are attainable.”

— Josh, 18, Middlesex College


College Access for Non-citizens is a non-partisan, grassroots, youth-led nonprofit organization (501(c)(3)), committed to dismantling barriers in higher education.

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